“Setting the Benchmark of Excellence in Student Industrial Attachment & Internship Programs in Agri-Sector & It’s Enablers”

We are Innovative Academic Placement Solutions! We set the Benchmark of Excellence in Student Industrial Attachment & Internship Programs in…

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Call for Application for Open Attachment Positions: 50 Undergraduate Engineering Students [2020 Attachment Program]

Deadline of Application: 10th February 2020 Download INAPS Membership Enrolment Form Here: INAPS Membership Enrolment Form - Undergraduate Cluster Jan 2020-Dec…

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300 Interns from Nairobi, Meru & Samburu County get inducted for internship within Agriculture Sector and Its Enablers for Attachment & Internships 2020 Program

Following successful implementation of INAPS 2019 attachment and internship orientation and induction program to undergraduate and fresh graduate students enrolled…

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INAPS’ Focus and Concern Meets the Demand of Labor Market in the 21st Century across Africa & the World Over

We are a 21st Century focused platform whose focus and concerns are aligned to the needs and demands of the labor market in Africa and the World over.

We surpass all odds to constantly solidify a tripartite relationship between the academia, the industry and relevant government ministries and the public at large to ensure that graduates delivered to the market are a society’s fit; both for their lives and that of others. We dedicate our daily routines in creating an enabling environment that causes such dialogues to occur.

The platform’s endeavor is to eliminate unnecessary struggles and unforeseen risks and gaps that would deter Day-1 competent graduates by ensuring the involvement of ALL from the word go!

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