300 Interns from Nairobi, Meru & Samburu County get inducted for internship within Agriculture Sector and Its Enablers for Attachment & Internships 2020 Program

Following successful implementation of INAPS 2019 attachment and internship orientation and induction program to undergraduate and fresh graduate students enrolled under our platform, we are glad to invite more applications from qualified candidates wishing to enroll for placement program in 2020. At least 300 candidates were successfully placed under quality attachment and internship in the year 2019, with a total of 1500 youth reached and offered intense training on ideal tips on successful transition from “School Life” to the “World of Work”.

Out of 500 placement applicants, 300 were successfully placed by end of 2019 with the other 200 still finalizing on their attachment and internship orientation process continuing from January 2020 till graduation to placement. These candidates comprise of applicants from recognized institutions of learning in Kenya [Universities and Mid-level colleges] from across the country.

The 300 Interns have been absorbed by a Consortium of Employers [The Industry] from across 5 Counties carrying out activities across the entire value chain within the Agriculture sector. The interns are expected complete their 6-12 months of internship working on real projects within the organizations that they have been placed.

During that period, INAPS and associated Partners will continue to monitor progress while testing the applicability of a tripartite approach where the academia, the industry and relevant government ministries work together to dialogue and seek sustainable solutions to youth employ-ability of agriculture graduates and related courses while continuing to contribute to food security in Kenya.

The activities that the tripartite partners are taking part in include but not limited to the following:

  1. Provide internships for at least 100 youth per county to practice their skill in Agribusiness while meeting the demands of the industry in mention.
  2. Support the State Department of Agriculture in domestication of the Agriculture Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy 2019-2029 and Youth in Agribusiness Strategy launched on the 11th July 2019.
  3. Support stakeholders within the tripartite in developing guidelines on Agriculture Attachment and Internship for Agriculture Students in Kenya.
  4. Support in development of training materials and training aids that back quality attachment and internship programs for Agriculture as a sector.
  5. Contribute to the development of ideal learning paths for the NEXT-GEN workforce expected to support the integration of ICT in Agribusiness Initiatives for ICT and Agriculture Graduates in Kenya.
  6. Participate in the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation framework for ICT tech and Youth in Agribusiness Initiative within the Select Partner Organizations.
  7. Contribute in content development for a basic curriculum for use in training ICT tech in Basic Agriculture.
  8. Participate in development of “A Best Practice Manual for Student Industrial Attachment & Internship Programs for Agriculture in Kenya”.
  9. Participate in the “Transformation of Agriculture Students Industrial Attachment, Internships and Youth Employment Initiative in Kenya [ASIA&IYET 2018-2022]” in collaboration with the Academia, the Industry and the Government and Development Partners.
  10. Participate in capacity building programmes for Placement Organizations on ICT tech and Youth in Agribusiness Initiative.

There is a deliberate focus to take keen interest on the demand of the industry within which the interns are placed.

The pilot is expected to take place across various counties in Kenya and upon success will be replicated to other parts of East Africa.

Recruitment is still ongoing for attachment and internship positions across different disciplines as need continues to arise in 2020 and beyond.

2020 Open Attachment Positions for 50 Agriculture Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Undergraduates.

Note: INAPS and Partners are currently inviting applications from 50 Agriculture Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Studentsfrom recognized Universities [degree] and Colleges [diploma] to carry out their attachment with us while implementing a Youth in Agribusiness as-Ward-Extension Agents Initiative dubbed, [YAWEAs 2019-2020].

Download Concept Powerpoint Here. Youth in Agribusiness-as-Ward-Extension Agents-Samburu County – Kenya’s ASTGS-Youth Agribusiness Domestication 2019-2020

Download Advert Here: Open Attachment Positions for 50 Undergraduate Agriculture Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Students-Proceeding for attachment from April 2020

This position is open to only 50 qualifying Undergraduate Students from recognized Universities and Colleges in Kenya intending to proceed on attachment between April 2020 and December 2020. Application opens on 15th January 2020 and closes 10 February 2020.

Download Application Form Here.

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