Who We Are:

Innovative Academic Placement Solutions (InAPS) is a registered Private Limited Company that envisions the best global standards of Quality Value-Adding Industrial Attachment Programs for Students and Placement Organizations in Africa, regardless of color, race, gender or religion. The organization mobilizes sustainable human, financial and technical resources to advocate for best practices in Industrial Attachment Programs within African Societies. It operates, collaborates and supports selected activities and programs that promote employability and self-reliance of University and College Students as well as organized Youth Groups under the age of 35 towards an improvement of their practical skill with a bias to African Agriculture Development. InAPS’ concept is a local model that has global and national comparisons in terms of its relevance and usefulness to the promotion and development of quality Industrial Attachment Programs.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where Undergraduate College and University students undergo attachment and mentorship programmes with ease and deserved dignity while qualitatively and quantitatively adding value to themselves and that of the society at large.

Our Mission:

To create an environment in which students, tutors, mentors, employers (formal, informal) can interact, learn, share and communicate about career and entrepreneurship opportunities across Africa, easing transition between graduation and unemployment (formal, informal) into progressive and sustainable careers.


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