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Registration is free to all Students seeking our services in terms of placement for attachment, internship, exchange and experiential learning.

Note: Our InAPS Model of Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Programs (Q-VAAPPs) requires huge investment to realize a full-cycle of placement per Collaborating Student. Realizing the fact that students are not constant income generators throughout the year, we at InAPS have partnered with key organizations, institutions, friends and philanthropists to offer a full cycle quality placement for each Student collaborating with us throughout their period of placement.

Students are only required to invest a mandatory non-refundable discounted fee for confirmation of bouquet services 3, 4, 5 and 6 as shown below. The fee is used for booking the student for the fully sponsored capacity enhancement program and ensures that only committed students are catered for.

  • Students residing and studying in Kenya invest the equivalent of US$29.
  • Students from the other parts of Africa invest the equivalent of US$49 as per their respective currency.
  • Students requesting our services from outside Africa invest an equivalent of $99 as per their respective currency.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

This ensures that only dedicated and ‘vetted’ students are given the opportunity to go through the full-cycle of an intensive placement program as demanded by ©INAPS Triangulation Model of Q-VAAPPs.

In addition to the assured full-cycle intensive placement programme offered by InAPS, our ‘vetted’ collaborating students receive the following packaged services within the period of their attachment:

  • Bouquet 1:Placement with one organization or institution relevant to their field of study.
  • Bouquet 2:An official Mentor to guide them through their career aspirations.
  • Bouquet 3:A fully paid 2-day Residential Induction/Orientation Seminar on the entire placement programme.
  • Bouquet 4:A fully sponsored 1-day prior exposure visit to the selected (preferred) institution or organization that the student or client will be attached to.
  • Bouquet 5:A fully sponsored 1-day seminar on Career development with professional mentors.
  • Bouquet 6:A fully sponsored 2-day InAPS training & travel workshop in the company of their other on-platform like-minded students.
  • Bouquet 7:Automatic membership into InAPS’s alumni, talent and adventurous (IATA) club.
  • A Certificate of Participation in Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Program.

During the programme, our students are required to participate in an annual Student on Attachment Open Fair (SAOF) organized for students, institutions and organizations receiving and/or offering attachments and internships through InAPS.


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