Advanced Graduate Attachment Program (AGAP)

Our Advanced Graduate Attachment Program (The AGAP)

Our Advanced Graduate Attachment Program has been designed to embrace fresh Graduate students within year one of their graduation. These graduates form the fresh cluster of youth transitioning from school life to work life. Students joining these program must have graduated from a recognized institution of learning from their country of origin in either a degree, diploma and/or certificate course related to Agriculture.

Initiatives within AGAP include but not limited to:

(i) Attachment Market Centres Initiative

Attachment Market Centres [AMCs] refer to an INAPS innovative graduate market concept developed to enable week-1 fresh graduates establish agribusinesses within the first month of their graduation. Graduate students that have undergone attachment through the INAPS platform are invited to enroll into the Agri-entrepreneurship initiative and provided space to carry out their passion in agribusiness.

AMCs operate as follows:

Once the students have undergone a successful attachment to completion during the course of their studies, upon graduation, they are offered an opportunity to enroll into the AMC initiative. On acceptance, the fresh graduates are provided with space [physical] within an AMC located nearest to them. AMCs are spread across different locations within the country to provide opportunities to as many fresh graduates as possible. During these period of graduate entrepreneurship market placement, the fresh graduates are mentored on hands-on agribusiness initiatives from their industrial mentors sharing the space within the same location while at the same time earning a living and making the best out of their lives.

On a daily basis, the graduates carefully learn the ‘tools of trade’ backed by hands-on experience throughout their advanced attachment period. They enjoy a 100% waive of 12-months of rent as the location to practice their agribusiness enterprises is provided for free. They receive a small start up capital and are expected to ‘plough’ back the ‘saved’ monthly rent to the agri-business. After exactly 1 year, these 1-year old ‘fresh’ graduates  now ‘physically’ leave the AMC to give room to other incoming cluster of fresh graduates at the end of every year that have also freshly completed their attachment through the INAPS platform and freshly enrolled into the advanced attachment initiative.

Day-to-Day monitoring of the 100 fresh agri-entrepreneurs per centre is carried out by an Attachment Market Centre’s Program Officer operating under INAPS but working closely with the management of the AMC comprised of surrounding community members within the industry, the academia and the sub – county government who together ‘own’ the community AMC and drive the day-to-day running of the AMC for the benefit of the graduate students and the community at large.

The AMC also acts as an outlet for products and services of 50 placement organizations and institutions within the Industry registered under INAPS platform and offering attachment placement to undergraduate students in Agriculture related courses. Provision of space to these placement institutions and organizations within the industry is pegged on:

  1. The placement organization must be a recognized organization operating in the country legally.
  2. The placement organization must be registered as a placement organization under INAPS platform. [All registered organizations undergo capacity enhancement in Agriculture Student Industrial Attachment through INAPS platform. Disclaimer-INAPS is not a training institution and does not offer direct training to organizations but collaborates and partners with authorized training bodies and entities to offer training to placement organizations within the field of Agriculture related initiatives. 
  3. The placement organization must have undertaken a 1-week capacity enhancement of quality value-adding academic attachment placement program with INAPS.
  4. The placement organization must be willing to continue to offer advice to the young fresh graduate agri-entrepreneurs while at the AMC.

Placement organizations benefit a great deal based on surrounding agribusiness factors within the AMC in any given locality. They are able to reach out to an increased clientele with their products and/or services. As compared to the fresh graduates who receive 100% waive of 1-year rent, the placement organizations pay a subsidized fee for rent. A lease of 3 years is given to the placement organizations at the AMCs that is renewable. Terms and Conditions apply. Other services provided at the AMCs include, hiring of meeting, training and recreation facilities, agribusiness exhibition spaces, among others.

In all, the AMCs provide continuous training and consultation services to a given number of fresh agri-entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis. By the time the fresh graduates leave the market centre, they are sufficiently equipped to fit into the busy ‘world of work’ ‘outside’ the AMC where they are now able to scale up their agribusiness venture. They are empowered enough to build resilience and while learning from their counterpart business partners, make their way to the ‘top’. As compared to their freshly graduated counterparts who may be ‘tarmacking’ for employment during the one year of transitioning from graduate school to the ‘world of work’, these privileged graduates practically learn on-own-job and at the same time earn a living for themselves while positively contributing to the society around them.

(ii) Undergraduate Attachment & Mentorship Placement-

With the establishment of INAPS AMCs across the country, undergraduate Agriculture students are able to easily access attachment and mentorship placement with ease during the course of their study. Through the AMCs, hundreds of organizations within the industry register at the AMCs and work closely with INAPS to offer attachment placement and mentorship to undergraduate students easing the baggage of individual search for attachment and mentorship placement are required by their training institutions to enable them complete their studies. The AMC platform works smartly as to ensure that measurable indicators that clearly show the benefit of the advanced graduate attachment initiative.

The AMCs are community owned (students, academia and the industry within the constituency) and are operated by the community themselves facilitated by INAPS. Digital enhancement has been secured at the centre to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of service deliver. INAPS has established what is known as Triangulation Model of Quality Value-Adding Academic Attachment Programs software [INAPS-T-QVAAPs] that makes it easy to coordinate the diverse activities taking place within the centre on a daily basis as well as be able to have students securing attachment through the centre on a walk in basis.  AMCs ensure a win-win for all while contributing to youth employability and food security for Africa.

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