Emma A. Njiru MA., BSc.,

Emma A. Njiru is the President and Founder CEO INAPS, a Dynamic Lady-Professional famously known for her knack for excellence, an indefatigable spirit and a near-to perfectionist in the field of Agricultural Economics. For over 19 years of work Anne, as many would call her, has extensively, both locally and internationally,  advocated for collective action in seeking sustainable solutions to the seemingly never-ending and sometimes recurrent challenges facing small holder farmers on matters of food security. Realizing the value that Students play along Agriculture value chains, whether at degree, diploma or certificate level, Emma has driven successful initiatives that ensure collective synergies in breeding a hands on agribusiness oriented youth able to back the efforts of other stakeholders in ensuring sufficient food for all, not only in Kenya, but Africa as a whole.

Her work is guided by the belief that processes that do not culminate into tangible and measurable results are not worth the society’s time. She is a strong believer that no amount of money or wealth can replace ‘Practice’ and therefore the motto, “Practise is Priceless!”

Having studied and gained substantive knowledge and exposure on the subject of Agriculture from Egerton University, University of California-Santa Cruz, Wageningen University and Alabama A&M University-College of Agriculture, Life and Natural Sciences, Emma continues to pursue her ‘Call-to-Action’ to each and every individual to have a paradigm shift of thought and while challenging the status quo, with less of rhetoric, play an individual pro-active role in filling associated gaps affecting the attainment of tangible economic benefits for all-and particularly those of the small holder farmers and agriculture students in Africa. She is fully convinced that Africa has the full potential to realize its food security needs and possesses the power to provide quality education through provision of quality attachment programs for each and every of its students.

Before founding INAPS, Emma worked as the Director of Communications at Africa Network for Animal Welfare. She has served as the General Manager for Sokopepe Limited, given considerable years of work as Manager, Technical Training & Research at SACDEP-Kenya and has also held office as the 2nd National Coordinator for Prolinnova-Kenya Chapter whose mandate is one of promoting local innovations for small holder farmers and youth in agribusiness.

During her tenure in office, Emma recorded great success in several fields, among them; playing a key role in pioneering successful establishment and actualization of the College of Sustainable Agriculture for Eastern Africa (CSAEA); Pioneered extensive partnerships with the West among them, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for collaborative work between Alabama A&M University and SACDEP-Kenya.

With a strong background in Agricultural Economics; Media and Applied Communications, Emma’s ability to coordinate development work is well advanced. She has elaborate skills in documentation, facilitation and coordination of both local and international workshops and write-shops that revolve around a diverse nature of development work of example being; Africa Animal Welfare Conference 2018, a collaborated effort between the United Nations Environmental Programme and Africa Network for Animal Welfare as well as Bill & Melinda Gate’s Conference for Agricultural NGO’s held in SACDEP Kenya, March 2006 among others. In addition to INAPS, Emma has founded two other companies; FIRMS-FARMS AND DIARIES and SYBRIDA Communications, all based at Nairobi-Kenya.


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