Engagements Process

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The Engagement Process is an 8-Step detailed process that ensures that collaborating students are all geared up and ready for an experience of their lifetime through placement linkages with INAPS.

Inquiring Students access Step 1-3 but can only access step 4-8 upon completion of their registration process of step 1-3 below.


STEP 1: Registration: Registration of a student requesting for placement (attachment and/or mentorship) through INAPS entails the following steps:

  • Filling in and submitting the official registration form referred to as INAPS’s Placement Registration Form (IPRF) found within INAPS’s website.
  • Upon receiving an official INAPS Acknowledgement of Registration Request (IARR), the requesting Student moves to Step 2 below. The IARR is an automated acknowledgement receipt that provides you with your INAPS Registration Request Number (IRRN) and states that your registration has been received and moved to the next phase for consideration. Note: Receipt of an IARR is not a guarantee to placement as the requesting applicant (student) has to go through a vetting process as in Step 2 below.

STEP 2: Vetting Process: This entails the applicant (student) going through a physical interview (at INAPS Headquarters or at one of the INAPS satellite offices) conducted by INAPS Vetting Team (IVT) or online interview for further probing into the applicant’s eligibility or suitability for the selected programme.

 The Registrar sends qualifying applicants a Letter of Offer referred to as INAPS’s Letter of Offer (ILO).

Note: Those applicants that did not qualify receive an INAPS Regret Letter (IRL) stating the reasons behind their disqualification. This provides the student an opportunity to re-apply upon fulfilling the stated recommendations within their Letter of Regret.

  • Qualifying applicants then read through the Letter of Offer (ILO) and if in agreement to all the terms and conditions set for their placement programme then sign an online Letter of Acceptance referred to as INAPS’s Acceptance of Offer (IAO)  through a submit button. This automatically sends an online copy to INAPS’s Registrar’s Office.
  • Upon acknowledgement of receipt of the IAO by INAPS’s Registrar, qualifying applicants then pay a Confirmation fee for Bouquet 3, 4, 5 and 6 under ‘Access to our Services’ of the equivalent of US$29 for Local Applicants (Kenyan Residents), US$49 (Africa Region Applicants) and US$99 for International Applicants. Details on how to pay are within INAPS’s website. Note: All Africa Region and International Applicants seeking placement through INAPS need to first accept the Terms and Conditions herein before committing to commence their placement programme with INAPS.
  1. An official online receipt is provided to the applicant upon payment of the Confirmation fee. Each qualifying applicant is expected to confirm receipt of the official payment receipt within two (2) days from the date of payment to registrar@inaps.co.ke or by filling in an INAPS Confirmation Fee Payment (ICFP) herein.
  2. Upon receiving an official acknowledgement of payment from INAPS’s Accounting office, through issuance of an official online payment receipt, the qualifying applicant then receives a client’s reference number, referred to as “INAPS’s Student Identification Number-ISIN”.
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