For Students

In Partnership with our Key Stakeholders,

We commit to meet the needs of collaborating students as far as quality value-adding academic attachment programs are concerned.

Our assurance is pegged on the following:

Sealed Collaborations with Placement Organizations:

Through an elaborate research, we have approached and sealed collaborative agreements with willing, capable and reputable Organizations and Institutions to provide attachment, internship, exchange and entrepreneurship spaces for our collaborating students.

Sealed Collaborations with Reputable Mentors:

We connect and link our collaborating students to reputable Mentors as profiled within our rich database for career mentor ship.

Capacity Enhancement of Placement Organizations:

Due to our keen interest in quality we spend considerable amount of time and resources; and while working together with relevant government ministries and accredited training institutions and organizations, we collaborate with each of them to enhance the capacity of our profiled placement organizations and institutions to undertake Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Programs (Q-VAAPPs) for the benefit of our collaborating students. 

Digitized Working Mechanisms for Efficiency and Effectiveness:

To keep up with the changing times, we pro-actively research on up-to-date Information Communication Technologies (ICT) that we use to back our linkages and connectivity models. We have developed an InAPS Industrial Attachment Application Software that eases our implementation of Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Programs (Q-VAAPPs) with our collaborators.

Why We Are Unique:

  1. Our strategy enables our students to become all-rounded individuals able to constantly translate their knowledge into practice regardless of prevailing circumstances.
  2. Our model allows the examiner to understand the specific coverage that our student under attachment is expected to cover. Trainers and/or tutors are also able to visualize our student’s experiences throughout the period of placement (attachment).
  3. A predefined calendar is shared between InAPS, our partners and collaborators and defined dates are set that show available spaces for attachment, exchange, internship and entrepreneurship training programmes; all with specific dates and requirements. Those seeking such spaces through InAPS have their needs aligned to the predefined dates as per their diary of travel or engagement to ensure a tailor made programme that suits their demands.
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