Youth in Agribusiness Initiatives’ Program [YAIs]

Since Agriculture was devolved in Kenya’s administrative set up in 2010, and guided by the laid down Youth in Agribusiness Strategies over time. several counties have found the need to enhance capacities of youth to engage in agribusiness ventures that can be of value to themselves, the farmers and to the county at large. INAPS, through a tripartite model approach works closely with academia, industry and respective county government ministries to develop and implement youth agricultural and agribusiness programs at county level.

The above is achieved through what is referred to as Youth Internship, Entrepreneurship and Employment Parliaments [YIEEP] at county level. Currently INAPS is implementing a Youth in agribusiness initiative at Samburu West Constituency, Samburu County, dubbed “Youth in Agribusiness as-Ward-Extension Agents” [YAWEAs] Initiative 2019-2020.

INAPS partners with different counties to carry out tailor made youth initiatives taking cognizant of the youth, industry and the county needs in general.

Download Powerpoint for YAWEAs Initiative Here: Youth in Agribusiness-as-Ward-Extension Agents-Samburu County – Kenya’s ASTGS-Youth Agribusiness Domestication 2019-2020

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