Honorable Investors of Arid & Semi-Arid Lands 2020

Dear Partner,

Greetings of the day. We pray that you are safe and well especially this trying time when the entire Globe is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. It shall be well.
As you are aware, Food Security is one of the most important factor that sustained life before the pandemic, is sustaining life during the pandemic and will sustain life beyond the pandemic; the most vulnerable being communities living in ASALs and the un-or-under employed Youth therein. This is in addition to PLWHIV/AIDS and PWDs in these resource limited regions.
For the past 6 months INAPS & Partners within her mandate of up-scaling Youth Employment for Food Security at County Level, has been working on implementation of a Youth in Agribusiness Initiative where 1500 Samburu Youth have been recruited and identified for support. The uniqueness of the initiative that began in November 2019 is that it is the first time that these Samburu Youth will be engaging in Agribusiness as an alternative means of livelihood after their fathers and forefathers having lived in Communally-Owned Land for 100++ years carrying out a sole nomadic lifestyle. The success of this pilot is expected to inform up-scaling of similar initiatives to the rest of the Counties, the Region and beyond.
That said, INAPS & Partners found the need to establish a “Fraternity of Honorable Investors of ASALs” emanating from academia, industry and relevant Government ministries to join the current Expert Team of Professionals driving this endeavor to a reality. This initiative is a component of the ultimate goal of the entire endeavor which is a 5-Year Transformation of Agriculture Students’ Industrial Attachments, Internships and Youth Employment Programs in Kenya, 2018 – 2022.
Starting May 2020, we are running an intensive Social Media campaign that will culminate into establishing a Fraternity of at least 300 dedicated investors from academia, industry and government, both National and County, ready to walk the journey in turning ASALs to becoming Trade Hubs for Regional Development.The climax of social media campaign is an Executive ASAL Walk envisaged to take place in Malalal, Samburu in August 2020 flagged by the  Principal Secretary East African Community Hon. Dr. Kevit Desai as our confirmed Guest of Honor for the entire Campaign. Join our 6-month Campaign and become one of the Honorable Investor of ASALs 2020.
For more information contact +254-714679614 or write to emma@inaps.co.ke
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