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INAPS is a highly networked platform that links undergraduate and fresh graduate students with respective placement institutions and organizations offering attachment, internships and mentor-ship opportunities with like-minded partners in either degree, diploma and/or certificate. This it does in cognizant that every undergraduate and fresh graduate student has a right to undergo attachment, internship and mentor-ship programs with ease and deserved dignity while adding value to themselves and that of the society at large. INAPS not only offers linkages for students and fresh graduates but also links like-minded institutions and organizations with each other.

INAPS achieves this through highly efficient and effective collaborations with key stakeholders from academia, civil society, private sector and respective  government ministries mandated to offer attachment, internship and mentorship programs to undergraduate and fresh graduate students.

Brief on AIJP Program:

The AIJP program mostly targets undergrads and fresh graduates [as primary beneficiaries] from recognized institutions of learning undertaking or having undertaken a degree, diploma or certificate course in Agriculture or its enablers with an exception of Law and Human medicine courses. Researchers, independent scholars and private candidates from across Kenya, Africa and the globe are also targeted for the AIJP program and are linked to respective networks and collaborate to successfully achieve the best out of their area of study or research. Our attachment and internship programs ensure exposure to supervised practical sessions that provide opportunity for growth and learning to our target beneficiaries.


  •  Exposure to carefully supervised quality value adding attachment and internship positions:

Students enrolled and registered under INAPS’ platform are guaranteed an attachment and internship position with one or more of our Partner Placement Organization [PPOs]. Selection, training and matchmaking is carefully made to ensure that the place of placement well resonates with our students’ line of career aspirations. To officially register with the platform, an annual membership enrollment fee of $30 or KES.3000/- is made by each interested candidate benefiting from our platform. Direct placement for attachment, internship or job eases the student’s burden of search to a great extent.

  • Exposure to Experiential Learning Initiatives

Students under the AIJP get an opportunity to be exposed to a wide array of Agriculture Sector Value Chain Initiatives both nationally, regionally and/or internationally. Very proactive students under this cluster obtain an opportunity for regional and/or international exposure visits. The program enables the students to integrate knowledge and theory learnt in the classroom with practical applications and skills development in a professional setting under a wide array of geographical locations.

  • Exposure to AIJP Point Award System

Through a carefully thought award system, INAPS considers the excellently performing primary beneficiaries in order to recognize and appreciate their efforts during the transitional journey from school life to work life. Under the AIJP student embark on annual competitions whose associated awards are either in form of scholarships to further their studies, seed capital for innovative agribusiness ideas, holiday travel packages, boot-camp expeditions, etc. This approach encourages the students under the transition journey to uphold focus in understanding that their effort to excel is acknowledged and rewarded.

  • All-Year Round Capacity Enhancement & Mentorship Sessions

For the entire period within which the students are enrolled at our platform, those under AIJP program get an opportunity to undergo free training on diverse range of professional topics that add value to their career growth and development. They get an opportunity to attend fully-funded seminars, workshops and conferences – all pegged on the students pro-action and dedication to the program upon enrollment. A detailed Values and Life Skills Training is incorporated throughout the entire period of enrollment. Each student under our platform gets an opportunity to receive direct mentor ship from an array of highly qualified and respected mentors under INAPS platform.

Conditions to qualify for attachment and paid internship placement under INAPS platform:

  1. To be considered for attachment and paid internship placement, a student MUST make their official application for attachment and/or paid internship placement to INAPS during the application window which is the last quarter of every year October, November to December and every 3rd Quarter of every year which is July, August and September. Applications for attachment and internship are officially made to
  2. If applying for attachment, the student must be an ongoing undergraduate student undertaking a course directly related to or indirectly related to Agriculture except for Law and Human Medicine.
  3. Must possess valid Identification Card and/or Passport.
  4. Must have an official recommendation letter allowing the student to undertake attachment for a particular period of time from the students institution of learning.
  5. Must provide official names and day time contacts of the student’s Head of Department within their faculty.
  6. Must ensure that the student’s institution is recognized as one offering authentic training in Agriculture, as a degree, diploma or certificate – meaning, it must be officially registered and accredited under the Ministry of Education in Kenya or an equivalent if requesting attachment from outside Kenya.
  7. Must confirm willingness to undergo the full cycle of transition as a career journey with INAPS before commencing for attachment or internship.
  8. Must be registered with INAPS as an active undergraduate student under our platform with $30 US dollars [KES. 3000/-].

Placement organizations and institutions offering attachment and mentorship under INAPS undergo capacity enhancement on Agriculture Student Industrial Attachment programs to ensure that both the students, the organization and institution gain maximum benefits from the attachment and mentorship placement.

For more details on AIJP Program, call 0745 196 888 or 0714 679 614 or write to

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