INAPS Fresh Graduates Category


INAPS Fresh Graduate Category comprises of graduates that have completed their studies either under degree, diploma and/or certificate and are within the first 12 months since day one of their graduation. Fresh graduates under this category enjoy the following benefits among others:

  1. Have an opportunity to be placed within any of INAPS Community facilitated Attachment Market Centres
  2. Can enroll in any of the services being provided within the platform under the talent initiatives, mentorship initiatives, linkages and much more.

It is important for members under this category to realize that INAPS walks the journey with each of the graduates for a period of 12 months to ensure that they able to stabilize and earn a living for their lives by the time they graduate from the platform after 12 months.

All members within this category end up placed within an institution that is able to provide them an opportunity to transcend from day 1 of graduation to 1 year after graduation.

All those interested under this category contribute an annual Membership fee within the platform of $30 [Kshs. 3000/=] per fresh graduate student per year.

For further information, kindly contact or or call any of the following: +254 (0) 745 196 888 / (0) 714 67 96 14

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