INAPS Mid-Career Professional Associates








INAPS Mid-Career Professional associates comprise of mid-level professionals already under active employment but interested to build their skill and while adding value to their career through additional exposure attained as a result of collaborating with INAPS to carry out certain activities and take up opportunities within the platform. These are those that are past entry-level in their career but are not nearing the end of their career or any where close to retirement level.

Members under this category enjoy the following benefits:

[i] Can be given opportunities to undertake small professional assignments during their leave days [from their normal/routine work] or on availability over weekends.

[ii] Can be contacted as a first priority to attend INAPS and partners’ conferences, workshops, seminars that are meant to build value to them and others in relation to career growth and development.

[iii] Are bonefide members of the platform and are free to enjoy other fridge benefits within the platform such as automatic members of the talent club, discounted recreational packages with organizations and institutions signed up with the platform and offering diversity in social activities. Terms and conditions apply.

[iv] Have an opportunity for free – sign up for 2 youth [male & female] aged between 18-25 for free mentorship under INAPS platform for a period of 12 months.

All those interested under this category contribute an annual Membership fee within the platform of $50 [Kshs. 5000/=] per year. To register for membership under this category write to or call +254 (0) 745 196 888 or (0) 714 679614.


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