INAPS Senior-Career Professional Associates

INAPS Senior-Career Professional Associates are those that have attained senior-most levels of their careers and have also demonstrated a strategic knowledge of expertise within a given field of specialization. Many within this category are either long experienced founders of organizations and institutions; hold high ranking positions under employment or self employment; have additional national, regional or international nature of organization or institution representation; ranking Members of recognized institutions and organizations, etc.

INAPS seeks and collaborates with members under this category to achieve critical tasks expected to have huge impact country wide. Interested members under these category at their convenient time work closely with INAPS to carry out the following but not limited to:

[i] Form and action functional ‘think tanks’ or ‘working groups’ for expert knowledge provision under subject matter in discussion.

[ii] Act as resource professionals for sought knowledge or skill within their area of expertise in conjunction with INAPS

[iii] Undertake due consultancies in relation to a given subject matter under discussion or implementation in conjunction with INAPS

[iv] Join relevant working groups or steering committees designated for a particular key assignment or task under INAPS platform

[v] Sign up long term contractual tasks for given tasks or assignments in requiring their particular skill and expertise for and on behalf of INAPS

[v] And much more.

All those interested under this category contribute an annual Membership fee within the platform of $30 [Kshs. 3000/=] per year. To register for membership under this category write to call +254 (0) 714 679614.


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