Our Coverage & Partnerships

Our Coverage

Through a web of networked institutions and organizations, we operate across Africa, Asia, America, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Finland. Our operations are designed in such a manner as to ensure that our clients successfully achieve their educational aspirations that will lead to the improvement of their career prospects and become more commercially and culturally aware of their best fit.

Our Partnerships

We have registered collaborations with 234 organizations and institutions these far.

Our Partners are categorized either as; (i) Technical and Financial partners; (ii) Placement Organizations or Institutions (iii) Accredited Consultant Training Firms on Industrial Attachment (iv)  Friends of InAPS commonly known as FInAPS. These are individuals possessing great passion for youth, particularly on matters pertaining to career development, growth and progression. FInAPS collaborate with InAPS on voluntary basis to help build capacities of Students and Placement Organizations and/or Institutions on Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Programs – Q-VAAPPs-80% of Mentors within our database belong to this cluster of Partnership.





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