Friends of INAPS Group of Professionals

Friends of INAPS Group of Professionals [FRINAPS-GP]

The FRINAPS-GP is comprised of a think tank of like-minded highly experienced and hands on professionals spread across Education and Agriculture Sector [a representation from the government, civil society, private sector, academia – scholars & researchers], who meet on a quarterly basis to deliberate on critical but recurrent Food Security and Education matters affecting the populates, with an aim to bring to the fore practical recommendations able to bring measurable impact to agribusiness and food on the table to millions of populations in Kenya.

Topics of discussions are guided by the emerging issues at hand that are directly affecting productivity of the education and Agriculture sector as far as youth employ-ability and food security issues are concerned-agribusiness matters, etc.

Their main objective is to positively critique issues at hand and make technical recommendations that can enable value addition to the subject matter.

The convener of the FRINAPS-GP is INAPS and is chaired by an elected member from cluster presentations from government, civil society, private sector, academia on a rotational basis.

The FRINAPS-GP’s main task is to make recommendations that can be considered nationwide in regard to promoting projects, programs and initiatives that have a positive backing to the ongoing education and agriculture initiatives that have the propensity to highly affect the populations of Kenya as far as self-reliance and food security matters are concerned. The main aim is to assist government and other support stakeholders in discussing through matters that assist in eradicating hunger and unemployment in Kenya through the INAPS platform.

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