Project Design and Management

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 Chief Operations Officer

As high as a project manager can climb without becoming the CEO, the COO looks after daily optimization of various operations in different departments of a firm. Serious education and experience are required for this job.

 Engineer Manager

They are responsible for plans, coordination, research, design, and production activities.

 Marketing Manager

They identify, create, and evaluate strategies to promote their company’s services and products and increase sales.

 Industrial Production Managers

They plan, direct, and coordinate production of a vast array of goods and manufacturing.

Operations Manager 

An operations manager typically ensures smooth operation of various processes that contribute to the production of goods and services of an organization.

Database Administrator 

They use database software to store and manage information and will often set up database systems in addition to making sure those systems operate efficiently. Education needed is in computer science or management information.

IT Project Manager

Be the head of an information technology team in this career. These managers run complex projects, create strategies for completing goals, and function as the leader. Other job titles for this career path include IT operations manager and IT division manager.

Health Project Manager 

They oversee the implementation of a specific health project and ensure that stated goals and objectives are met. They also oversee the financial and logistical aspects of the project.

Legal Project Manager 

This career path focuses on legal projects.

Military Project Manager 

The military too also takes on and even trains project managers.

Non-profit Project Manager

Also known as the program manager, this career involves running a program or project for a non-profit organization. The PM often leads the staff in administering services and fitting the budget.

Environmental Project Manager 

They are experts in the environment and organizational management who oversee environmental projects. These projects can include cleaning waterways, restoring soil, forest regeneration, and wildlife restoration. While some can be scientists, others can be government workers, and all need a background in science and the environment, as well as project management.

Project Management Officer 

PMO work involves a wide range of job duties and encompasses a team or work group. There are several career paths available here including manager of project managers, project administrator, or business manager. The PMO manager is considered the lead career path here.

 Social Media Manager

Really love Facebook, Twitter, and the like? This project manager implements and develops a company’s or employer’s social media strategy. It can include brand awareness, inbound traffic, and encouraging product adoption.

Civil Project Manager

Build something of use to the community in this career path. They can work on everything from bridges and canals to freeways and roads.

Bilingual Project Manager

If you speak a second language, this could be the career path for you. They often help make transitions and help offices who speak different languages work together.

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