Call for Application for Open Attachment Positions: 50 Undergraduate Engineering Students [2020 Attachment Program]

Deadline of Application: 10th February 2020

Download INAPS Membership Enrolment Form [IMEF] Here: INAPS Membership Enrolment Form [IMEF]- Undergraduate Cluster Jan 2020-Dec 2020

Download Flyer for Application Guidelines Here: Call for Attachment Positions for 50 Undergraduate Engineering Students – Year 2020

Download YAWEAs Initiative Concept Here: Youth in Agribusiness-as-Ward-Extension Agents-Samburu County – Kenya’s ASTGS-Youth Agribusiness Domestication 2019-2020

Brief Introduction to Call for Attachment Positions for 50 Undergraduate Engineers in Respective Disciplines for YAWEAs Initiative 2019-2020

INAPS and Partners are currently inviting applications from 50 Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering; Energy and Environmental Engineering; and/or Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Students from recognized Universities [degree] and Colleges [diploma] to carry out their attachment with us while implementing a Youth in Agribusiness as-Ward-Extension Agents Initiative dubbed, [YAWEAs 2019-2020].

Terms of Reference [ToRs] for the Attachés under the YAWEAs Initiative:

The 50 Undergraduate Agriculture Engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering Students supported by/and guided by qualified expert-partner engineers and subject matter specialists will, by the end of their attachment period, be expected to have practiced their knowledge-to-skill and played a key role in:

  1. Construction of 3 Biogas Digesters in Samburu West Constituency.
  2. Fabrication of Small Farm Machinery [chaff cutters, hand-operated tractors, tree seedling & management protectors, etc].
  3. Fabrication of Small Farm Tools [weeding & planting tools, harvesting and sorting tools, etc]
  4. Fabrication of 3 Mobile Hay Storage Units, among others.
  5. Environmental and Energy-related tasks as per the YAWEAs Initiative.

Note: Transport to and from venue, meals, and accommodation for the 50 undergraduate students on the attachment practice will be provided onsite during the period of active development of tools, equipment, biogas construction, and respective training.

 To Qualify for Selection:

  1. You must be a bona fide undergraduate student registered within a recognized University or College in Kenya and possessing a valid National Identification Card or valid Nationality Passport [Non-Kenyan Citizens studying in Kenya and interested in the attachment positions are also invited to apply].
  2. Your Attachment Period must be designated to officially commence from April 2020 moving forward. Students whose attachment commences before April 2020 do not qualify for this specific position.
  3. You must be pursuing either a degree or a diploma in Agriculture Engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering and possess an official letter from your Institution’s Supervisor giving you the mandate to proceed on official attachment during a designated period of time.
  4. You must possess an android phone capable of sending and receiving emails among other critical components of the mobile phone.
  5. You must be officially enrolled with the INAPS platform under the Undergraduate Cluster for the period January 2020 to December 2020 and proof of possession of your INAPS’ Membership Identification Number-IMIN [To enroll, visit:] and download the membership enrolment form.
  6. Your attachment application form complete with your official INAPS Membership Identification Number-IMIN must reach us not later than 10th February 2020.

For more information, send an email to or Question on subject above can be referenced to Call +254 (0) 714 67 96 14/0708 803 958 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.





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