At the Atternship Centres, the following services are offered:

  1. Linkages and Partnerships

We Link College and University Students to Institutions and Organizations offering Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Programmes (Q-VAAPPs) with the help of our Students’ Attachment Model & Application Software dubbed©INAPS Triangulation Model for Q-VAAPPs.

2. Capacity Enhancement

We Build Capacities of Placement Institutions and Organizations (both registered with INAPS, and/or potential partners) to implement Quality Value Adding Academic Placement (attachment and mentorship) Programmes (Q-VAAPPs).

3. Advocacy

We Support and Enable Students and other key stakeholders to express their views and concerns on Quality Value Adding Academic Placement Programmes (Q-VAAPPs). We also support them to access information and services related to Q-VAAPPs so as to defend their rights and responsibilities while exploring choices and options.

4. Mentorship

We facilitate Students to access both physical and Virtue Mentorship & Career Closet Advice through our 250 Online Mentors. Students registered with INAPS can contact virtually, on real-time basis. Students seek free advice on their problems, goals, concerns and plans in relation to their career aspirations. They also get assisted on appropriate and professional attire for meetings, interview or other important events that have direct impact on their career.

5. INAPS Industrial Attachment Alumni Club

We run an adventurous project within the Alumni program dubbed the I-2A Club. Currently the I-2A club has a membership of 1,423 individuals all of who are either students that underwent their industrial attachment through our platform; are individuals from placement organizations and/or institutions within our database; or individuals registered with us as Friends of InAPS – FInAPS.


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