Youth Internships & Employment Parliaments – YIEP

Youth Internships & Employment Parliaments  (YIEP) is an INAPS innovative approach that seeks solution to reducing Youth Unemployment by bringing to the table at county level, a tripartite representative of members from the academia, the industry and the relevant government ministries ( in our case- Agriculture Sector & Education Sector) who work closely with INAPS and her Partners to place youth under immediate internship that translate to solid employment upon graduation.


Currently, the initiative is under pilot and operational and is seeking to place 100 youth per County upon which, after successful implementation of the pilot, at least 1000 youth will receive immediate internship placement per County by 2021 when the next review of the Agriculture Sector Transformation & Growth Strategy 2019-2029 is expected to be revisited for deeper milestones per county.


For more information on the YIEP as Solution, kindly talk to us or call +254(0) 714679614.

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